My mom fuck by my friend praveen

My name is abhi kumar live in kolkata here is my story of my innocent mom turn in horny lady.My mom (susmita) body colour is brown with mature figure 34 boobs 30 belly with little fat and 38 back . I have sean my mom bathing many time her mature body look more sexy and hot in towel .. speacially her flessy thighs just like Bridgette B. She wear only saree at home… And bra only when see go out. One can esely see her nipple in through her blouse.
So it’s a time when I was in college . I have a fantasy of watching mild porn site.while watching this I got a sex dateing site.i log into that site I found mane man…no women thn I thought of log out .. but I found one women pic it Sean’s to be south indian mother I send a friend request… And I got a msg hii…
Thn I ask her what’s is your name she told I m not women I m a boy this is my mom pic…I got surprise by this… And ask why u have given so…the guy nam is praveen… Praveen told me how horny he was toward mature women… So he give his mom pic on this site Nd expect some horny comment….We share our moms pic to each other …. When he saw my mom he get excited and askPraveen- is this your mom so hot and sexy figure she has…Me- yes …Praveen- can I get her clevase picsI gave him picsWhich I secretly captured.became very horny after my mom he said he want to fuck herMe.- it’s imposible she is very conservative.Praveen – said I have a plan .Me – what planI also became very excited that someone want to fuck my mom…Praveen- make her fb account and send me friend request and …. Like some of the porn pages and adult comicsMe- ok .
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Next dayI open my laptop and and start laughing at a joke…. Intention that mom will see me… Mom ask what’s the matter u r laughing so much I told her that … There is so funny video… Her mom see she also start laughing and she ask show me more…thn you have to one in your mobile … Thn in this laptop…me said leave thn then I told her you can make her new new friend also like sallu anti , or locality anty are also here… She agreed and said open my account I open mom account and said I have to give a picture of your …. Mom said why I said all will know that it is you … Or by your name mane women r there…Thn I made her understand what is the features and… Went to chat with praveen …
Thn mom send maney friend request .many man also … send mom fried request … Thn mom accept all ans start chatting thn… I praveen also send friend request… At night I open my mom profile and like some adult page and adult cartoon comic.Thn I saw mom start like adult pics. Thn praveen msg mom.
HiiMom- hiiPraveen – is the profil pic yourMom- yesPraveen- you look so beautiful..Mom-, thank uPraveen- but it is very hazyMom- hmmPraveen – what r u doingMom- sleeping … And chatting with uPraveen- and your husbandMom- he was in a job at banglore.Praveen-ooo so sad..Mom- sad for what.Praveen- u doen not get your husband close to uMom- no no not like that.Praveen- thn that mean u don’t need him closeMom-na na he is doing his job.Praveen – but you r also important .. same timeMom- yes.Praveen- ok leave …u r newly marriedMom- no I have sonPraveen- seriously u look so young.. so hotsexy … U don’t a have a sonMom- it’s true I have a sonPraveen- thn I most say u fave a great figureMom- aso what r u doingPraveen – just sleepingMom- what do u do…Praveen- I’m an engineerMom- ohh so good… You don’t get marriedPraveen- no I want a girl like u… To marriageMom- smile . Like me whyPraveen-for .me u r hot sexy perfect figure… DecentMom- I m not at all hotPraveen- you don’t dress u hot if u dress well u will look hot…Mom- how I didn’t understandPraveen- gave a pic wear a wild women.. wear a white transparent bose and shot pallu between her boobs and saree is tite below nevel..
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And said if u dress u like this you will look more hot… Thn this pic..Mom- huh… This weman only showing her body she is not hot…I know how to look hotPraveen thn show it.. mom said ok… Wait…after few min..Mom- send some pic.
1st Pic is so hot mom was full in sweet and…lean toward the camera and half pallu that pic mom boobs r totally visual becz dhe was wearing a white blouse without bra black nipple is also painting..2nd pic she wore a sleeveless blouse and she put her arm above her head and hairy under arm seen look ready hot…3rd – simple pic but spl is full expose of her nevel
Praveen- said wow just wow..
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